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Envecon provides end to end solutions in Enterprise Platforms (SAP, IFS & BI), TOS, Network & Infrastructure Management to bring agility and precision to different segments in the Maritime industry and enables its customers to focus on their core business activity & growth strategies.

Envecon provides specialized IT solutions across multiple segments

Ports and Terminals

Envecon is a trusted IT Partner for more than 100 terminals across countries. Our domain expertise and ERP skills makes all the difference .We implement ERP solution which covers enterprise asset management and all other key processes.We have Business Intelligence solution with full automation providing real time information for major terminals across the globe.

Marine and Offshore

The primary focus of Envecon is to provide the Maritime industry with SAP, IFS based- ERP and HSSE  software systems and tools to be able to run various business process. We also provide customized IT solutions in the various aspects of maritime industry including but not limited to Drilling and Tug operation etc.

Shipping and Logistics

We implement end to end logistics specific ERP solution. This coupled with our domain specific BI solution helps our client to bring agility and precision in operations. It helps them deliver more from their assets and investments.

Enterprise Asset Management

Envecon has implemented EAM solutions within ERP based on IFS and SAP platforms for clients and played a key role in the streamlining complex business processes with better efficiency and without losing business controls. Following are few of the many benefits brought in for the end clients

  • Integrated ERP and EAM solution gives real time visibility into asset usage and helps in better governing of assets.
  • Provides visibility and control over critical assets that affect compliance, risk and business performance.
  • Increases the useful life of physical assets with improved business processes for an increased return on assets and enhanced operational efficiency.
  • Integration with other business applications like TOS, Workforce Management, Banking Systems, Equipment PLC, Crane management Systems, Fuel Management Systems etc.  provides seamless application environment.

Integrated EAM solution along with Finance and Supply Chain management modules of ERP application gives clear integrated picture of organization and helps in faster and accurate business decisions.

BI framework

Envecon has leveraged several person years of its domain and implementation experience in designing a state-of –the –art Business Intelligence Solution with full automation that provides real time information for major terminals across the globe. Key solution highlights are as follows

  • Unrestricted analysis of application data, helping the terminal users make time –saving and accurate decisions
  • Focusing on BI framework and providing domain specific BI solutions
  • Visual dashboards that can be used by end users to create ad-hoc reporting capabilities
  • Platform independent framework that can integrate information from different back end systems

Container Terminal Global Template

Envecon has built a global financial, procurement and HR template for terminals leveraging framework from SAP’s Solution Manager that provides standardized configured solution which will meet  most of container terminal processes in these functional areas. This template has been implemented in some of the global terminals and provides strong process and data framework which can be extended for specific customer situations. Key advantages of having this solution are:

  • Builds standardized processes across terminals enabling easier consolidation of data and process harmonization
  • Ready template for maritime industry
  • Implementing tried and tested solutions which helps in drastically reducing implementation duration
  • Has ready to use interfaces with external systems from leading product vendors
  • Strong reporting capabilities leveraging industry standard platform
  • Ability to track costs at unit and functional level and do profitability analysis across terminals and customers
  • The core global template speeds up rollouts to other terminals in a consistent and cost effective manner and enables quick IT integration in case of mergers and acquisitions
  • Reduces TCO thus releasing IT budgets for other projects

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